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Spices, DryFruits, Pickles, Jaggery, tea Etc…

About Spices

Spices are a common export product for many countries. They are grown in tropical regions and are in high demand around the world for use in cooking and seasoning. Some of the most commonly exported spices include black pepper, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, and turmeric. These spices are often exported in their whole or ground form, and packaged for retail sale or for use in commercial food manufacturing. India is the leading country in spice export. And countries like USA, China, Vietnam, UAE are major importers of spices.

About DryFruits

Dry fruits are another popular export product. They are fruits that have had the majority of their moisture removed, making them shelf-stable and able to be stored for longer periods of time. Some of the most commonly exported dry fruits include almonds, Walnuts, dates, Pista, and raisins. These dry fruits are often packaged for retail sale, but they are also used as ingredients in a variety of products such as confectionery, baking and trail mix. USA, UAE, Germany and Japan are some of the major importers of dry fruits.

About Pickles And Others

Tatvika Import Export is a company that specializes in exporting Pickles jaggery, and tea. They likely source these products from various suppliers and export them to other countries for distribution and sale.

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Seeds And Oils

Mustard, Castor, Penuts, Soyabeans, Cumins, Fennel all types of Seeds and Oils etc...

Oraganic Foods

Mangos, Potatos, Lemon, Pomegranate, Grapes, Watermelons ,expensive lemon


Wine glasses, Jute Bags, Copper bottles, Pottery,Pebbles Stone etc...


Cotton Row Materials, Puja Saman, Haven Saman,Gobar ,Gaumuthra etc..


Handmade Soaps and Shampoos, Red Onion Oil And Handmade Sanitizers Etc..

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it was great experienced to work with tatvika overseas, we recommned them for anyone looking for a reliable partner in industry !

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